• The smart way to stay healthy
    A start-up has developed technology that allows patients to get tested and treated without seeing a doctorIn response to today’s healthcare trend of personalised and precision medicine, a start-up from Singapore has come up with an approach to DNA testing offering personalised wellness solutions where consumers can get the results in digital format instead of seeing the doctor. Headquartered in Singapore and having provided its services there for six months, Imagene […]
  • Imagene acts on Thai potential
    IMAGENE Labs, a new Singapore-based company specialising in genetics-driven wellness, has announced plans to expand into Thailand, part of its plan to broaden its presence in Asia. The company will set up a representative office in Bangkok in the near future. Dr Wong Mun Yew, founder and chief executive of Asia Genomics and managing director of Imagene Labs, said the latter was launched last year to bring DNA-based customised wellness […]
  • Op-Ed: I Took A DNA Test For My Skin, And Here’s What Happened
    Confession: I was a little sceptical – until I tried out what homegrown wellness company Imagene Labs had to offer. Two-year-old homegrown company Imagene Labs specialises in genetic research, and branched out into providing skincare and wellness solutions last September. Via DNA testing, its products are formulated based on an individual’s genetic make-up. There are three different types of tests – skincare, fitness and nutrition – to choose from on Ori, […]


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