Asia’s leading personalised health and wellness company enters partnership with Kickboxing Federation of Singapore

Following partnership announcements with leading nutraceutical retailer and GNC franchisee ONI Global and top dermatologist recommended skin care brand Neutrogena, Asia’s leading personalised health and wellness company Imagene Labs today shared their latest strategic partnership with the Kickboxing Federation of Singapore (KFS). With KFS’ position as the appointed national representative of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) – the world’s sole governing body for the sport – as well as the inclusion of kickboxing for the first time in the 30th SEA Games, this collaboration heralds the era of DNA-based personalised training in elite combative sports.

Given the rigorous demands of a sport like kickboxing, Imagene Labs’ fitness and nutrition DNA tests will enable WAKO Senior World Championship athletes like Nigel Tan and national coach Nazri ‘Porkchop’ Sutari to unlock their personal DNA profiles for deeper insights into their unique genetic tendencies and needs in areas like muscle recovery, injury risks, nutrient deficiencies and diet effectiveness. By understanding how their bodies are inherently built, athletes can expect to reach their performance goals more efficiently and effectively.

Imagene Labs’ wellness DNA tests also enhance the competencies of coaches by enabling them to design individualised training programs for their athletes. Instead of relying on guesswork and ‘trial and error’ with general training methods, coaches who use such DNA tests will have a genetic ‘roadmap’ and actionable recommendations to optimise their athletes’ training and diet.

President of KFS Jason Lim shares, “With DNA tests and kickboxing becoming more prolific in the last couple of years, we have been looking at leveraging on genetics to enhance the performance of our athletes. We chose Imagene Labs for their trusted scientifically-proven technology platform, and integrated fitness training framework with equips our coaches with the knowledge and support to implement genetic insights when developing programs. We are confident this partnership will elevate kickboxing as a safe and effective sport for anyone seeking to achieve their fitness goals effectively or challenge their physical limits.”

Managing Director and Founder of Imagene Labs Dr. WONG Mun Yew shares, “We’re excited to work with the Kickboxing Federation of Singapore as our first partner in elite sports, following our partnerships in skin care and nutrition. These partnerships illustrate the growing use of genetic testing in making better decisions for wellness, and the rapid acceptance by both consumers and professionals seeking truly personalised ‘made for me’ solutions. As a Singapore brand headquartered here, we are also proud to support the growth and performance of our national athletes as well as the local sports and fitness scene.”

Imagene Labs will work with KFS to design genetics-based training and nutrition programs for the national team competing at the WAKO Senior World Championships in Bosnia, October 2019 as well as the following KFS athletes:

WAKO Senior World Championships National Team

  1. Nigel Tan (Weight Class: Under 54kg)
  2. Abdur Rahman (Weight Class: Under 71kg)
  3. Nazri ‘Porkchop’ Sutari (Weight Class: Under 75kg; National Coach)
  4. Hidayat Jasni (Weight Class: Under 81kg)

KFS Athletes

  1. Anoushdka J. Shanker (Weight Class: Under 52kg; Developmental Youth Athlete)
  2. Low Yong Ming (Weight Class: Under 60kg)
  3. Chew Ying Herng (Weight Class: Under 69kg)

Imagene Labs’ wellness DNA test kits are available for online purchase at, or stocked at KFS-affiliated kickboxing studio Active Zone by Active Red.