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How to biohack your beauty, fitness and wellness rituals in Singapore – Vogue Singapore

"Focusing on wellness genomics, Imagene Labs offers a series of tests that identifies links between genetic variations in consumers’ DNA with specific health-related traits. Each of these traits have three influential factors: nature or genetics, nurture or upbringing, and current lifestyle choices."Vogue Singapore Read the full article at: https://vogue.sg/biohacking-selfcare-beauty-wellness-fitness-singapore/

Asia’s leading personalised health and wellness company enters partnership with Kickboxing Federation of Singapore

Following partnership announcements with leading nutraceutical retailer and GNC franchisee ONI Global and top dermatologist recommended skin care brand Neutrogena, Asia’s leading personalised health and wellness company Imagene Labs today shared their latest strategic partnership with the Kickboxing Federation of Singapore (KFS). With KFS’ position as the appointed national representative...

Imagene Labs Introduces Regions First Complete Genetics Based Wellness Solutions – Asia-Pacific Biotech News

Imagene Labs announced the launch of its line of skincare, nutrition and fitness solutions customised to individuals’ unique genetic profiles. As one of the leading genomic labs in the region, Imagene Labs leverages proprietary research in DNA testing and its intimate understanding of Asian genetics to create end-to-end health and...