About Us

Imagene Labs creates wellness solutions customized to an individual’s unique genetic traits. Led by medical doctors and genetic researchers, we provide an entire ecosystem of end-to-end genomics-based wellness solutions ranging from DNA tests, personalized reports, bespoke skin serums and nutritional supplements, and mobile health apps that help people live, look and feel their best.


We aspire to simplify life with the science of genetics.


Positioned to be the most trusted personal genomics service globally, we seek to empower individuals by unlocking their genetic code and optimizing their lives with customized wellness and lifestyle solutions tailored to their unique genetic traits.


People First

We place your wellness, privacy, and satisfaction at the center of all we do.

Do Only Good

We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and safety in product creation.

Credibility and Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the concrete facts of science, not trends, gimmicks, pseudoscience.

Quality and Consistency

We are dedicated to creating thoughtful products that work well with every use.


We strive to make the science of genetics simple and accessible for all.