Headquartered in Singapore with a growing footprint in South East Asia, Imagene Labs is Asia's leading genetics-driven wellness company. Imagene Labs answers consumers’ demand for personalized and pre-emptive wellness solutions by unlocking the potential of each person’s DNA to create tailored solutions based on their unique genetic profiles. Based on genetic research, Imagene Labs’ offers the most comprehensive


We use Illumina DNA microarray technology that has been developed in collaboration with several leading research institutions. This chip contains highly-informative, genome-wide markers found across diverse world populations, and allows us to quickly and easily sample your DNA for unique genetic dispositions to various wellness traits. All samples are processed in-house by our technical experts to stringent and exacting quality standards required in medical diagnostic laboratories.


Our genetic testing facility in Singapore is accredited with Illumina Propel Certification. Certification requires adherence to best practices in sample, reagent, data and general laboratory management; and comes with a guarantee of highest quality data for our clients. As the first in Asia Pacific and 3rd in the world to receive Illumina Propel Certification for Infinium Genotyping, we are proud to offer the highest level of microarray testing services, powered by Illumina.

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