Imagene Labs provides an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, business-2-business genetic analytics platform that offers unparalleled accuracy in human wellness genetics assessment. Our platform enables healthcare services and wellness brands to create bespoke products and services personalized according to their customers’ DNA insights.

Our patented ancestry-based genetic risk analytics system (U.S. Patent No. 10468141) enhances DNA result accuracy by using machine-learning and comparing users’ gene data against the most ethnically-relevant reference genetic datasets.

We offer bioinformatics analysis service covering diverse traits in healthy aging and longevity, allergies, fitness and sports performance, skin health, nutrition and diet, children’s talent and health, and personality. Our software platform is compliant with USA and European regulations. Our partners include some of the largest fitness, beauty, nutrition and healthcare brands in the world.

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We offer a full suite of enterprise solutions to companies who want to adopt personalization based on genetics - proprietary bioinformatics, DNA test reports with easily actionable recommendations, personalized nutritional supplements and skin care, as well as product formulation services.


Our testing facility in Singapore is licensed by Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH), and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. These accreditations require adherence to global standard best practices in sample, reagent, data and general laboratory management; and come with a guarantee of the highest quality data for our customers.