Partnership Announcement – Lumina Bio in Vietnam

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Lumina Bio in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese market will now have even greater access to our patented ancestry-based bioinformatics through Lumina Bio’s specially curated wellness DNA tests:

  1. Lumina Kids examines a child’s pre-disposition to 20 Talent & Personality, 30 Nutrition, and 10 Allergy traits. The insights from this test can help parents unleash their child’s full potential in ways that are compatible with their nature. 
  2. Lumina Longevity offers 23 Healthy Ageing and 30 Nutrition insights. By understanding how your body ages, you have greater control over your own health & wellness into your prime. 
  3. Lumina BeautyFit  combines 10 Skin, 30 Nutrition and 15 Fitness insights for a comprehensive exploration into one’s wellness – both inside and out.

Lumina Bio will also offer our personalized vitamin supplements and skin serums that are formulated according to each individual’s unique DNA results. Every ingredient in these personalized solutions is specifically chosen to not only address your needs, but more importantly because they can be efficiently absorbed by your body based on how you’re built. No more wasting time or money figuring out what to get or using products made with ingredients that your body simply cannot use!

We congratulate Dr. Le Doan Thanh Lam, Scientific Director of Lumina Bio JSC; and Mrs. Ho Nguyet Minh, Chairman of Lumina Bio JSC, on being the pioneers of personalized health & beauty in Vietnam.

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