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Kalbe launches new DNA tests for longevity and children’s talent & personality using Imagene Labs’ patented bioinformatics

Imagene Labs’ polygenic risk scoring analysis system uses datasets from multiple diverse ethnic groups to offer improved accuracy and inclusivity in genetic assessment.Kalbe will provide this proprietary technology through their e-commerce site as well as hospital and clinic partners. Indonesia’s largest healthcare provider Kalbe announced today the launch of their...

[RICE Media] I Thought I Was Malay-Buginese – My DNA Test Said Otherwise

"Besides learning about your ancestry by pie-chart percentage, DNA tests also provide significant insights into your health, from how you digest and absorb nutrients to finding out how your skin is likely to age, all the way down to aspects of your personality like empathy and obsessive-compulsive behaviour." https://www.ricemedia.co/i-thought-i-was-malay-buginese-dna-test/

Partnership Announcement – Lumina Bio in Vietnam

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Lumina Bio in Vietnam.The Vietnamese market will now have even greater access to our patented ancestry-based bioinformatics through Lumina Bio’s specially curated wellness DNA tests: Lumina Kids examines a child’s pre-disposition to 20 Talent & Personality, 30 Nutrition, and 10 Allergy traits. The insights from this test can help parents unleash...

How a saliva swab test can help you detect diet fails, disease risk and more – CNA

"DNA testing is not meant to diagnose or treat certain diseases. It’s simply a screening option you might put on your radar, especially if you are looking for ways to improve your health and lifestyle, and identify potential future health risks." CNA Women Read the full article at: https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/women/best-dna-test-kits-singapore-genetic-testing-278586