Kalbe launches new DNA tests for longevity and children’s talent & personality using Imagene Labs’ patented bioinformatics

  • Imagene Labs’ polygenic risk scoring analysis system uses datasets from multiple diverse ethnic groups to offer improved accuracy and inclusivity in genetic assessment.
  • Kalbe will provide this proprietary technology through their e-commerce site as well as hospital and clinic partners.

Indonesia’s largest healthcare provider Kalbe announced today the launch of their new DNA tests which will use the patented ancestry-based bioinformatics of their Singaporean partner Imagene Labs. Kalbe’s PrimeGENME longevity and KiddyGENME children’s talent & personality genetic tests will be made available to consumers via their e-commerce site as well as through their extensive network of hospital and clinic partners.

People have a natural curiosity to want to understand themselves better. For some, it eliminates ‘the fear of the unknown’. Having insights into one’s unique pre-dispositions ensures the best and correct steps are taken to optimize health and well-being. However, one of the biggest gaps currently in preventative health and wellness DNA analysis is that most companies’ genetic databases are sourced from predominantly European/Non-Hispanic White information – reportedly nearly 80 percent. Meanwhile, studies have increasingly shown that different ancestries or ethnic groups inherently have different genetic risk profiles. For example, a recent Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health points to how increases in weight over time are more harmful to Asians than other ethnic groups, underscoring the necessity for genetic assessments to include real genetic diversity.

Through the use of machine-learning tools and genetic datasets from the world’s five major ethnic groups (European, East Asia, South Asia, Latin American, and African), Imagene Labs’ patented genetic risk scoring bioinformatics system (U.S. Patent No. 10468141) bridges market gaps by offering improved accuracy and inclusivity.

“We’re excited to incorporate Imagene Labs’ inclusive technology in our genetic analysis. Our new DNA tests will enable Indonesians to truly tailor their lifestyles for the best health and development.”

Sie Djohan, President Director Kalbe Biopharma

Kalbe’s PrimeGENME DNA test leverages this technology by analyzing over 1,800 genetic variations related to 34 longevity and healthy ageing traits; and provides insights into an individual’s pre-dispositions to decline in cognitive performance, increased inflammation, poor sleep, as well as various health issues. These insights provide valuable information on how to design and personalize the right lifestyle recommendations and nutritional intake to sustain vitality into one’s prime years.

The KiddyGENME DNA test analyzes more than 300 genes to give 34 insights into a child’s innate talents & personality. With personalized expert advice by a licensed cognitive psychologist, KiddyGENME enables parents to develop their children’s full potential in ways that are most compatible with their genetic tendencies. Through more targeted planning in designing their development, parents can have happier relationships without unwanted arguments from forcing their children into things they are not inclined for.

“We congratulate Kalbe Biopharma for being on the forefront of precision health and wellness. This partnership continues an exciting trajectory for Imagene Labs in becoming the leading bioinformatics analysis provider for precision health in the global healthcare market.”

Dr. David Klinzing, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and General Manager (GM) of Imagene Labs