GENTIS and Imagene Labs announce strategic partnership to bring wellness and longevity DNA tests to Vietnam

GENTIS and Imagene Labs announced today they have entered into strategic partnership which combines GENTIS leading position in clinical genetics in Vietnam with Imagene Labs wellness DNA testing powered by their patented ethnic-based genetic risk assessment technology.

With gene testing for health and wellness becoming more mainstream, consumers and patients alike are recognizing the importance and benefit of pre-emptive and preventive healthcare in optimizing their health and wellness based on insights from their genetics. For example, knowing that you are genetically pre-disposed to vitamin D and zinc deficiency risks would prompt you to seek medical advice and further testing, and adding nutrient supplementation if needed. Both vitamin D and zinc are nutrients vital for a robust immune system against infections. These would be important insights in the age of COVID-19.

“Our patented genetic risk assessment technology takes into consideration someone’s ethnic background, which currently covers the main ethnic groups in the world, so that their DNA results are more accurate and intervention recommendations become more personalized. It has the potential to help uncover health and wellness trends that may be unique to the local population. This can help to improve preventive diagnostic tests, treatment options and lifestyle interventions for the patients and consumers in Vietnam. We are excited to partner with GENTIS, who serve more than 100 hospitals and healthcare groups throughout Vietnam for the past 10 years,” shares Ms. HAR Jia Yi, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Imagene Labs.

“This partnership is a powerful combination for GENTIS. Imagene Labs DNA wellness tests complements our wide portfolio of clinical genetics tests in obstetrics, prenatal health, cardiovascular, hematology and oncology. This distinguishing quality of improved accuracy and quality in human genetics assessment will elevate the ways Vietnamese patients seek care and treatment options,” shares GENTIS CEO Do Manh Ha.

The five DNA tests available through GENTIS are myGen Life, BeautyGen, BeautyGen+, myGen Kid and myGen Kid+.