Watsons Malaysia Launches New Truly Yours Wellness DNA tests With Singapore-Based Imagene Labs

Personal care retailer Watsons Malaysia has launched a new range of wellness DNA tests at its network of pharmacies across the capital Kuala Lumpur and in Johor Bahru. Truly Yours is a suite of DNA tests that screens for fitness and nutrition traits, including nutritional deficiency tendencies, as well as allergy predispositions towards certain foods and other common triggers. The tests are powered by the patented technology of Imagene Labs, an award-winning Singapore-based personalised wellness company. DNA samples will be processed in Imagene Labs’ internationally accredited facility licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Health.

With gene testing and health profiling becoming more mainstream, Truly Yours empowers Watsons customers to have more control over their own well-being. Using insights from their DNA reports, consumers will be able to zoom in on potential problem areas and take preventive actions before symptoms occur. This pre-emptive approach also outlines the best kinds of exercises, diet and lifestyle change a customer can make to optimise their health. Watsons’ in-store pharmacists are trained to provide consultation on consumers’ Truly Yours results and advise on relevant products and lifestyle recommendations.

“Like its name, Truly Yours allows us to provide personal care solutions which are truly made individually for our customers. This degree of personalisation deployed in our network of pharmacies will transform how our customers take care of their health and wellness, in a smart preventive approach based on solid science,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia.

Dr. Wong Mun Yew, Founder and Managing Director of Imagene Labs, shares, “Personalisation is a megatrend in the health and wellness industry, and forward-looking companies are moving to offer customised products and solutions. Because our genes make us unique, the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to products and services has to change. A consumer gene test like Truly Yours enhances how retailers like Watsons can recommend and market wellness and beauty products according to each customer’s unique needs. This will revolutionise the way consumers discover new products that are suitable for them, and ultimately the way companies design their product and service offerings to join this shift to personalisation.”

Truly Yours offers three DNA tests:

  1. Truly Yours Premium DNA Test
    48 Fitness, Nutrition and Allergy traits with lifestyle recommendations Retail price RM 1,150
  2. Truly Yours Allergy DNA Test
    16 Allergy traits with lifestyle recommendations Retail price RM 800
  3. Truly Yours Essential DNA Test
    32 Fitness and Nutrition traits with lifestyle recommendations Retail price RM 650

Truly Yours is exclusively available at these participating Watsons stores:

  1. Pavilion
  2. Mid Valley Megamall
  3. Suria KLCC
  4. One Utama
  5. Sunway Pyramid
  6. Paradigm Mall
  7. IOI City Mall
  8. City Square
  9. Mid Valley Southkey
  10. Aeon Tebrau City
  11. KSL Mall
  12. Paradigm JB 2
  13. Aeon Bukit Indah