Dr. Paul Clayton

Dr. Paul Clayton is a clinical pharmacologist specializing in the pharmacology of foods and food extracts. Currently a Fellow at the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour (Oxford), he conducts clinical and pre-clinical research on nutrition and pharmaco- nutrition. His experience also spans various academic and professional positions with organisations around the world; most notably: Senior Scientific Advisor at Zinzino (Norway), Chief Scientific Officer at Gencor Pacific (USA), Trustee at the Szechenyi Scientific Society (Hungary) and Fellowships at the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Society of Medicine, as well as serving on the Advisory Committees of the Nutritional Therapy Council and Alliance on Natural Health in the UK. Alongside editorial contributions at EC Nutrition, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine and 'Nutrition Practitioner',Paulhas published several books on nutrition including 'Out of the Fire', 'Health Defence' and the 'Health Defence Cookbook' (with Portia Dean) and 'AfterAtkins: Atkins and Other Low-Carbohydrate Diets'. He advises numerous companies in the health sector and is a frequent public speaker.”