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How to biohack your beauty, fitness and wellness rituals in Singapore – Vogue Singapore

"Focusing on wellness genomics, Imagene Labs offers a series of tests that identifies links between genetic variations in consumers’ DNA with specific health-related traits. Each of these traits have three influential factors: nature or genetics, nurture or upbringing, and current lifestyle choices."Vogue Singapore Read the full article at: https://vogue.sg/biohacking-selfcare-beauty-wellness-fitness-singapore/

Invenio Genetics and Imagene Labs Grow Partnership to Bring Inclusive Ancestry-Based Genetic Risk Scores to U.S. Market

One of the largest gaps in worldwide DNA analysis is the predominantly European source data of most companies' genetic databases.Imagene Labs' polygenic risk scoring analysis system uses datasets from the world's most prominent and diverse ethnic groups to offer improved accuracy and inclusivity in genetic assessment.Imagene Labs' polygenic risk scoring analysis...