Invenio Genetics and Imagene Labs Grow Partnership to Bring Inclusive Ancestry-Based Genetic Risk Scores to U.S. Market

About Invenio Genetics and The Innovation Institute

Launched in 2019, Invenio Genetics is the 18th member-founded joint venture of The Innovation Institute.  The Innovation Institute is a collaborative of not-for-profit health systems focused on innovation and growth for the health care industry.  This collaborative taps into physicians, employees, and industry business partners to incubate and commercialize new medical products and ideas.  Comprised of three distinct elements – an innovation lab, an investment fund, and a shared services group (Enterprise Development Group), The Institute strives to “do more, with less, for more people.”  Invenio Genetics is one such innovation, founded to work within health care to launch genetic and genomic testing to improve outcomes and reduce cost.