Personal Genomics Revolution comes to Southeast Asia

NEW YORK and SINGAPORE, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore-based Imagene Labs Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Asia Genomics Pte. Ltd., and New York City-based LifeNome Inc. today announced a major international partnership to bring genomic personalization of wellness and lifestyle choices to Southeast Asia.

The partnership will leverage on the state of the art genetics testing facilities of Imagene Labs together with the proprietary bioinformatics platform of LifeNome to provide health-conscious consumers in the region with personalized genomics guidance on nutrition, fitness, skin care and other wellness topics. Starting July 2016, Imagene will offer genetic testing along with trait reports to individual consumers as well as physicians, nutritionists, and fitness trainers in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

“There is no doubt we are entering the age of genetically informed personalization: from precision medicine to personalized well-being advice,” says Raya Khanin, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of LifeNome. “Our platform leverages information on thousands of genetic variations using rigorous analysis and delivers actionable insights to the individual.  What sets our technology apart is a careful curation of scientific studies and a computational methodology that assesses the cumulative predisposition likelihood when multiple genetic variations influence a particular well-being trait predisposition such as vitamin D deficiency.”

The nutrition reports will assess potential predispositions and provide guidance on traits such as vitamin deficiency, predisposition to weight gain, protein processing, lactose intolerance, and gluten sensitivity.  Also offered by Imagene will be information on fitness traits such as endurance, suitability for power exercise and muscle injury risk, as well as skin care characteristics such as aging, youthfulness, and sunburn potential.

Imagene Labs Managing Director Dr Mun-Yew Wong shares, “We look forward to bringing the computational technologies of LifeNome and our state-of-the-art genetic testing, interactive consumer engagement apps and expert services to Southeast Asia. Genetics-based personalization will be the cornerstone of wellness for the future and we are proud to be a pioneer in the region.”

Brian Young, CEO of LifeNome, shares, “We are thrilled to partner with Imagene Labs as we begin the global roll out of the industry’s most comprehensive consumer genomic traits platform. Together our state of the art technology and scientific expertise will provide consumers with the best insights that genomics science can currently offer.”

About Imagene Labs
Headquartered in Singapore with offices in South East Asia, Imagene Labs is one of Asia’s first genetics-based wellness and Lifestyle Company. Imagene Labs harnesses genetic technologies and intelligent scientific resources, including artificial intelligence, to enhance personal health, beauty and wellness.

About LifeNome
LifeNome Inc. is a consumer Genomics Company based in New York and San Francisco.  LifeNome translates genotype data to actionable information on personalized wellness.  LifeNome gives consumers the information to make better wellness decisions and it gives brands the tools to deliver truly personalized products.

Ali Mostashari, Ph.D.

SOURCE LifeNome Inc.