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[RICE Media] I Thought I Was Malay-Buginese – My DNA Test Said Otherwise

"Besides learning about your ancestry by pie-chart percentage, DNA tests also provide significant insights into your health, from how you digest and absorb nutrients to finding out how your skin is likely to age, all the way down to aspects of your personality like empathy and obsessive-compulsive behaviour." https://www.ricemedia.co/i-thought-i-was-malay-buginese-dna-test/

How a saliva swab test can help you detect diet fails, disease risk and more – CNA

"DNA testing is not meant to diagnose or treat certain diseases. It’s simply a screening option you might put on your radar, especially if you are looking for ways to improve your health and lifestyle, and identify potential future health risks." CNA Women Read the full article at: https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/women/best-dna-test-kits-singapore-genetic-testing-278586

How to biohack your beauty, fitness and wellness rituals in Singapore – Vogue Singapore

"Focusing on wellness genomics, Imagene Labs offers a series of tests that identifies links between genetic variations in consumers’ DNA with specific health-related traits. Each of these traits have three influential factors: nature or genetics, nurture or upbringing, and current lifestyle choices."Vogue Singapore Read the full article at: https://vogue.sg/biohacking-selfcare-beauty-wellness-fitness-singapore/

Ginseng multivits: Personalised nutrition brand ‘Ori by Imagene Labs’ forays into immune space – NutraIngredients Asia

Singapore-based personalised nutrition firm Imagene Labs has forayed into the immune health space with a number of new launches, including a ginseng vitamin blend plus a DNA test which looks at one's genetic tendencies for nutritional deficiencies. Read full article at https://www.nutraingredients-asia.com/Article/2020/07/14/Ginseng-multivits-Personalised-nutrition-brand-Ori-by-Imagene-Labs-forays-into-immune-space

How the Bio Revolution could transform the competitive landscape – McKinsey Digital

"As personalization becomes a driver of marketing success, products and services tailored to the biological makeup of individuals, such as food and skin sensitivities, will become the new normal... Some incumbents have already spotted the opportunities and are increasingly interested in mining these data. Imagene Labs announced a deal with...

Asia playing catch-up in personalised nutrition space as big beasts begin to enter the market – NutraIngriedients Asia

Asia might be lagging behind Europe and the US when it comes to personalised or precision nutrition products, but growing interest from MNCs, as well as start-ups, suggest that could be about to change. https://www.nutraingredients-asia.com/Article/2019/11/21/Asia-playing-catch-up-in-personalised-nutrition-space-as-big-beasts-begin-to-enter-the-market