Dr. David Klinzing

CTO & General Manager
Dr. David Klinzing is a molecular and computational biologist with many years of experience in research, academia and biotechnology. David has a B.S. in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin, a PhD in Biology from Tufts University in the U.S., and completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School. David also worked for a management consulting company in Boston, training pharmaceutical managers in business and finance. He has worked in clinical research in the Philippines prior to moving to Singapore in 2013, to join AITbiotech as laboratory director. David helped establish NovogeneAIT in Singapore, a joint venture between AITbiotech and Novogene of China; and has been involved in DNA sequencing and genomics from the early days: from Sanger sequencing and small scale next-generation sequencing to large population genomics projects like the Singapore 10,000 genomes project SG10K. In addition, David is experienced in bioinformatics, data analysis and clinical genomics and has recently completed a research fellowship at National University of Singapore’s School of Medicine.