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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

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The most intriguing and promising products to look out for at BeautyAsia 2017

BeautyAsia, which for the uninitiated is Singapore’s only beauty trade exhibition that bills itself as the region’s premium beauty trade show, is back for its 21st year (yes, 21st!). The event, which runs from Feb 20 to 22, will bring together a range of beauty and wellness products culled from all over the globe, with hundreds of professional beauty service providers showcasing their latest products.

Sadly, admission is only open to trade professionals to network and purvey the newest trends and technologies, so consider this your insider sneak peek into upcoming trends. Here are our top picks to look out for on the shelves in the very near future:

DNA-customised skincare

There may be a wide array of skincare products in the market, but how many are customised just for your skin – and no one else’s? Enter Imagene Labs’ Ori testing, which promises to help you to make informed lifestyle decisions that suit you best. All it takes is a saliva sample – a painless, non-invasive test kit will be delivered straight to your home. Your so-called oriSKIN report will give you a summary of your DNA test results, with 10 traits covering 26 genes in skin health; think Aging (collagen breakdown, photoaging) and Sensitivity (dermal sensitivity and sun sensitivity). Based on your genetic blueprint, you’ll then receive a facial serum that’s quite literally tailor-made for your skin.