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Friday, June 29th, 2018

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Singapore, 29 June 2018 – BMF Bella Marie France, one of Asia’s largest network of women’s wellness centres, and Imagene Labs, the award-winning personalised wellness and genetics solutions provider, today announced a regional partnership that will see BMF Bella Marie France’s beauty gyms in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia adding to their repertoire of treatments a new DNA-based rejuvenation program IQGenes powered by Imagene Labs.

BMF Bella Marie France’s beauty gyms are holistic, one-stop centres that cater to the different needs of women through a personalised approach in skin health, body wellness and weight management. Using DNA information gained from a simple, painless and non-invasive saliva sample that is analysed at Imagene Labs’ globally accredited facility in Singapore, BMF Bella Marie France provides clients with extensive insights into their genetic potential to fitness traits like potential for obesity, lean body mass and stress fracture; and skin attributes such as collagen breakdown, detoxification and dermal sensitivity. Using these genetic insights, BMF Bella Marie France further curates treatment and product recommendations to design customised beauty and weight management regimes that work most effectively for the individual. This type of DNA-based personalisation is also pre-emptive and preventive, as genes can reveal potential problem areas – such as premature collagen breakdown and pigmentation – even before they surface; so BMF Bella Marie France clients can take active precautions to delay skin aging and other issues.

Amy Quek, CEO of BMF Bella Marie France, shares, “Science and technology are at the heart and soul of BMF Bella Marie France. Our philosophy is that rejuvenation  regimes rooted in real science are the best approaches to feeling recharged and refreshed. Because our beauty gyms are nurturing your nature, you not only get to your wellness goals quicker; but most importantly, your results are sustainable. We look forward to many years of success with Imagene Labs in transforming the wellness and beauty spaces with IQGenes.”

Dr. Wong Mun Yew, Founder and CEO of Imagene Labs, shares, “We are proud to work with BMF Bella Marie France to bring precision beauty to consumers in Asia. We congratulate BMF Bella Marie France on being a game-changer in the wellness and beauty industry by leveraging on genetic science in their beauty gyms. Knowing a person’s genetic profile enables personalised, targeted treatments and products that are just right for someone’s unique needs. This way, they help customers save time, money and effort by cutting out guesswork and ‘trial-and-error’.”

IQGenes fitness and skin DNA tests are available at BMF Bella Marie France beauty


1. Singapore Launched in May 2018

2. Hong Kong Launching in August 2018

3. Malaysia Launching in September 2018

About BMF Bella Marie France

BMF Bella Marie France is a unification of expertise from the industry’s best-known names – Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline. Today, BMF Bella Marie France continues to cater to the modern woman by offering the latest treatments to bring out each individual’s beauty potential – one that is defined and fully embraces the beauty, body and beyond approach.

And that is why BMF Bella Marie France is a beauty gym. It is a place where technology gives you the freedom to pursue a curated and precise rejuvenation regime rooted in science. Here, your every step is digitised for advanced diagnostic, consultation, and treatment processes. BMF Bella Marie France is a place where you walk out rejuvenated with confidence, and a place you will look forward to.

To do what’s only the best for you. So you find what you’ve had all along. A beauty awakened, defined only by you. For enquires or to make an appointment, please call hotline at 1800 7777 111.

About Imagene Labs

Imagene Labs ( provides the ecosystem of genetics-driven wellness solutions ranging from gene tests, personalised and customised skin care and nutritional products, wellness and lifestyle recommendations and mobile health apps. The company has extensive footprint in Asia Pacific markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and Japan. Led by medical doctors and genetic researchers, Imagene Labs has gene testing laboratories that are licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Health with College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO 17025:2007 accreditations. The company is the winner of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan SEA Personalized Wellness & Nutritional Genomics Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, and the 2018 Singapore Business Review National Business Awards (Health Products & Services).

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