Imagene Labs Introduces Regions First Complete Genetics Based Wellness Solutions

DNA-based skincare, nutrition and fitness solutions customised to individual needs

SINGAPORE – Imagene Labs announced the launch of its line of skincare, nutrition and fitness solutions customised to individuals’ unique genetic profiles. As one of the leading genomic labs in the region, Imagene Labs leverages proprietary research in DNA testing and its intimate understanding of Asian genetics to create end-to-end health and wellness products for consumers in the region. Their products are formulated for the individual based on their unique genetic make-up, and aimed at optimising the body’s response to attaining overall and long-term health and wellness on the inside and outside.

Consumers start their journey on Ori ( – an online service that guides them to select and order their test kit. They choose from three types of tests: oriSKIN, oriVIT and oriFIT, which are specially designed to search for genetic markers that influence a person’s skin, nutrition and fitness dispositions. On receiving their kit, they submit their genetic material in the form of a saliva sample that is returned to Imagene’s in-house lab where their DNA is extracted and analysed. Depending on the type of test(s) selected, they receive a personalised report detailing their genetic pre-dispositions to specific traits. Imagene Labs further contextualises this information by incorporating actionable recommendations for each trait and disposition in these reports for consumers to immediately begin optimising their health and wellness.

The consumers’ journey into genetics-based wellness is completed through Imagene Labs’ range of customised products and programs. Users of oriSKIN can order bespoke facial serums which are formulated with natural botanical extracts that pre-emptively address their skin’s concerns such as elasticity, pigmentation and hydration. Those who use oriVIT can purchase nutritional supplements of specific vitamins and minerals customised to their body’s needs and pre-dispositions. oriFIT recommendations enable partner fitness centres to zoom in and personalise programs and regimes with greater accuracy including types of training, repetitions, loads and frequency.

“This is the first time a genomics company is offering a complete, end-to-end wellness solution for consumers in the region. Our tests allow consumers to cut through wellness myths, and access truly personalised and science-based solutions that address their individual needs. We have identified strong market demand and potential for customised and pre-emptive wellness products as consumers are increasingly seeking the latest in wellness products to make them look, feel and live better. We want to spearhead this new approach of genomics-based, personalised health and wellness that was previously reserved for clinical and diagnostic applications,” said Dr. Wong Mun Yew, Managing Director of Imagene Labs.

“Setting up of Imagene Labs is well in line with Asia Genomics’ growth plans. We look forward to seeing more of such local companies leverage their strengths to move into emerging business segments and markets, which would contribute to Singapore’s transition into an innovation economy,” said Mr Ted Tan, Chairman, SPRING Seeds Capital and Deputy Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore. Imagene Labs, the lifestyle subsidiary of Asia Genomics, leverages on their world class in-house testing facilities and the proprietary bioinformatics platform of New York City-based LifeNome Inc. to provide health-conscious consumers in the region with personalised genomics guidance on nutrition, fitness, skin care and other wellness topics.

Imagene Labs’ DNA tests, reports and products are available on